Pilot Gladiator Chair

£ 1,427.00


Pilot Aviation Gladiator Chair. 

Pilot Gladiator Chair Specifications

Height87 cm
Width75 cm
Depth80 cm
Weight40 kg
MaterialsBrown Leather
InteriorAll Rooms

Pilot Gladiator Chair

Cool, stylish and perfectly distressed, our Pilot Gladiator Chair is the perfect aviator piece for your office. 

Aerodynamically inspired and influenced by the historical aircraft fighter planes of WWII, the Pilot Chair showcases stunning features of aviation styling. Interlocking aluminum panels with riveted metal work, create a unique finish to the back of the chair. Super padded Italian leather cushions the seat provided ultimate comfort -  you just can't get a better chair that's this cool and offers functionality with pure class. A true Aviators Chair.

High quality 40kg hardwood teak design that's second to none.