Aviation Clock

£ 86.00


Aviation Wall Clocks - Themed hand painted aircraft design spitfire propeller.

Aviation Clock Specifications

Height56 cm
Width62 cm
Depth5 cm
Weight4 kg
MaterialsPoly Resin
ClocksVintage Clock
Special GiftsAviation Gifts
ColourAntique Silver

Aviation Clock

Our unique clock face with clear red numbers, is reminiscent of the iconic vintage RAF Spitfire propeller, which forms its silver base. Excellent quality and detail of the WWII plane. A practical and collectable clock,, that makes a great gift, is a welcome addition to our existing Aviator Furniture Collection. Smither's Aviation Wall Clock comes with a high quality quartz timepiece complete with a battery operated mechanism.

Highly sought after for Man Caves, bars and hotels.

Handmade from fibreglass and heavy resin.