Copper Wire Coffee Table

£ 340.00

Ingenious copper wire coffee table. This designer coffee table is purchasable as copper or white in two sizes.

Copper Wire Coffee Table Specifications

HeightLarge Size 90 cm | Medium 70 cm
WidthLarge Size 90 cm |Medium 70 cm
DepthLarge Size 36 cm | Medium 30 cm
WoodMango Wood
MetalsRecycled Steel
InteriorReception Room
TablesCoffee table with storage

Copper Wire Coffee Table

Handmade from iron and copper plated, this cooper wire coffee table is suitable for indoor living use only and is infinitely useful way to add beauty to any space. The copper iron lines cross to create a square pattern, finishing with a designer circular design at the base of the table. The retro table design is completed with a mango wood top lid that lifts off, so you have so much storage space inside. The wood top is perfect for resting drinks on or your favourite retro ornament