Jeep Desk

£ 1,650.00

CTTD - 02

As part of our ever growing range of recycled car parts furniture we now have another Jeep desk here at Smithers office HQ.

Allow 3 weeks for delivery

Jeep Desk Specifications

Height70 cm
Width145 cm
Depth90 cm
Weight60 kg
WoodTeak Wood
MetalsRecycled Steel
Storage SolutionsShop Counter

Jeep Desk

Well, now another jeep desk has arrived here at Smithers, the first jeep desk was a massive design for us but i think this one is also a beautiful upcycled desk to add to our car inspired furniture collection.

Upcycled from an old 1950's old classic Willys Jeep front end using original parts, very robust, it's lasted 60 odd years in a scrap yard and with the upcycling design that's been done will last another 60 years easy.

That's what you get with Smithers recycled furniture lifetime buys! Pull rank and M*A*S*H up your office with this awesome Jeep Desk. Cal.50 machine gun not included. This is a stand alone upcycled furniture design and very universal and can be used as a very cool themed shop counter for a themed shop or why not have Willy in a cool clothes shop? Willy has two working headlights and two opening drawers made from reclaimed teak wood. The paint has been left on this desk design showing all the battered patina paint that echoes stories from the past, if only willy could talk? Add some American Army furniture to your home or business and willy do the rest? just like in WWII.