Levi Denim Gaming Chair

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£ 865.00

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D0 -19

The Ultimate Adult Bean Bag Levi Denim Gaming Chair 

Levi Denim Gaming Chair Specifications

Height75 cm
Width70 cm
Depth80 cm
Weight9 kg
MaterialsRecycled Denim
SeatingGaming Chair
InteriorGames Room
PatternLevi 501

Levi Denim Gaming Chair

You don't get much comfier than a well worn pair of Levi's so you can just imagine the level of comfort on offer with Smithers gaming bean bag chair thats been designed using salvaged, reclaimed jeans fabric from vintage Levi 501's. Whether killing zombies, racing cars or saving the planet are your gaming bag, believe me when I say, theres no better chair to do it from!!

This handmade chair comes with great urban styling thats been given a retro twist of American vintage denim. The result is awesome and works well in any home, but particularly those with a loft warehouse theme. The footstool is also included to guarantee style and comfort come as standard.