Nostalgic Mango Chest of Drawers

£ 938.00


Nostalgic Chest of Drawers - Twelve drawer wide chest handmade from heavy solid mango wood. This cool furniture range is available in a variety of options - we can make a full set tailored to your requirements. Email Smithers for more details.

Nostalgic Mango Chest of Drawers Specifications

Height91 cm
Width120 cm
Depth40 cm
Weight50 kg
WoodMango Wood
Storage SolutionsChest of Drawers

Nostalgic Mango Chest of Drawers

Multi-coloured and stylish retro bedroom furniture. Made with modern colour drawer fronts and an eclectic assortment of opening drawers handles, this is pick and mix styling at its very best.

We absolutely love this new collection - a super modern finish with a classic twist that offers maximum style and invaluable longevity from the Smithers of Stamford designer store.