Reclaimed Dining Chairs

£ 248.00


Reclaimed Dining Chairs. Handmade with old vintage boat wood with new modern steel.

Reclaimed Dining Chairs Specifications

Height89 cm
Width46 cm
Depth54 cm
Weight7.5 kg
WoodReclaimed Boat Wood
SeatingDining Chair
InteriorDining Room

Reclaimed Dining Chairs

Repurposed range of quality reclaimed dining chairs made from repurposed boat wood. Old Boats that have reached the end of their lifespan are dismantled into large planks

The old rusty bolts, nails and screws are removed, often leaving patina holes in the wooden planks.

Having survived many weathered years by the sea and the elements, the wood itself is extremely robust.

To remove all the sea moisture, the wooden planks are then kiln dried for 15 days. 90% of the wood from a single boat is used for reclaimed wood furniture, preserving the paint flecks, cracks and the holes - features that will make each piece of reclaimed dining chair absolutely unique. Due to its uniqueness and the limited numbers,  this is not a mass-production dining chair and is limited in supply.