Retro Phone Handset

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Retro Phone Handset - Stylish gold telephones for your home in luxury metallic design.

Retro Phone Handset Specifications

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Retro Phone Handset

The iconic type 302 Antique style telephone was designed by Henry Dreyfuss and introduced way back in the late 1930s. It was the first phone to incorporate the bell in the base of the unit. A Reproduction of the the Ericsson model DBH 1001 of 1931 was a very strong influence on the later Model 302 retro telephone handset of the 50s. The 302 phone appeared in many films from the time of its introduction through the 1960s, and was in gangster movie shows and sitcom television programs. Do stop my our retro shop again, we list new exciting designs everyday here at Smithers, See you again soon.