Scaff Desk

£ 1,400.00


Scaffolding Desk - Minimal style vintage office desk with an industrial twist. 

Scaff Desk Specifications

Height74 cm
Width243 cm
Depth91 cm
Weight76 kg
WoodReclaimed Wood
MetalsScaffolding Poles

Scaff Desk

Handmade from reclaimed wood and urban scaffolding poles that bare all their dents, dings, paint splats and even blowtorch-scorched beauty. Held together with some contrasting Dutchman joints, making this reclaimed office desk, thats designed and made here in the UK, uber unique! The under table top built is with Scandinavian Redwood, whose warm, smooth, red tones are the perfect contradiction to the hard, industrial poles. 

Lead time for these to be made, 4 weeks from ordering. This is a one off piece of designer furniture for the office.