Tape Cassette Table

£ 1,975.00

£ 3,950.00



Tape Cassette Coffee Table handmade to your specification in retro vintage design. We can make a replica of any old mix tape you have from your vintage back-ground from the 1950's - 1960's Mod era or 1980's Rock. 1988 acid house music mix Dj tapes from old rave to the 1990s era. Hip Hop, Rapp, Country and Western, Heavy Metal. You name it we can add it for your personal choice.

Tape Cassette Table Specifications

Height52 cm
Width110 cm
Depth70 cm
Weight20 kg
MaterialsTempered Glass
InteriorLiving Room
TablesCoffee Table

Tape Cassette Table

Handmade from wood with powder coat finish and hand sprayed with high grade car paint, this is one very unique coffee table. Exact replica of an original cassette deck tape. The tape is pure satin, all 120 meters long with working wheels, if you are crazy enough to wind it through you can do this.

The metal screws are real, they hold the body together. Our tape cassette coffee table is standing on solid steel power coated legs. The body's colour can be to your personal specification. The tape label is a high end retractable vinyl sticker that's laquered. The table top is made from thick thoughened glass. The design label sign can be whatever you want to it to be. Send us your choice of mix tape and we can copy any design you have from the good old days!