Tuk Tuk Bicycle

£ 1,700.00

TUK - 02

Repurposed full size Tuk Tuk bicycle design by Smithers of Stamford.

Tuk Tuk Bicycle Specifications

Height140 cm
Width290 cm
Weight85 kg
MetalsSolid Iron

Tuk Tuk Bicycle

The Tuk Tuk Bicycle is a three-wheel bicycle taxi thats from Vietnam during the French colonial period after a failed attempt to introduce rickshaws. A double seat (for Vietnamese – an average foreigner would find riding with a companion a bit of a squeeze, it is supported by the two front wheels, with the driver sitting behind.

This Tuk Tuk pedal bike is a great marketing product to of promoting and offering your products for your business.

We believe the best way of creating a unique vibe around your service is to offer cycle Tuk Tuk that gets interest in your business.

Handmade from solid steel, our Tuk Tuk cycle does come with the odd wear and tear and they have been recycled by us at Smithers of Stamford this adds the the effect of the vintage design, its an Antique and has been re-painted