River Thames Vintage King Bed

£ 1,239.00

SITB - 04

It's no secret that it's a very rare thing to find a reclaimed wood bed, let alone a king size reclaimed wood bed thats packed to the rafters with originality. Well, that is just what Smithers has in the new River Thames furniture range.

River Thames Vintage King Bed Specifications

Height100 cm
Width190 cm
Weight60 kg
WoodReclaimed Boat Wood

River Thames Vintage King Bed

A vintage solid reclaimed wood bed design with built in planks from Eco friendly wood. The battered look offers a vintage style, whilst the modern day design is built to perfection with original, unique patina.

Sporting traditional, vintage mid century panels to the head and footboard, it's an intense and trusty king bed alright, which will become the focal point in your master bedroom - something that's very hard to find in industrial design.

The photograph shown is a King size Georgian Panel Plank Bed with a Kingsize Traditional 1500 Mattress. Also photographed is a Three Drawer River Thames Console and Narrow Plank Bedside Table thats available in our new cool furniture range. We offer five year tested Guarantee on our reclaimed king beds, if they break, we will replace them for free.