Fairground Counter Desk

£ 2,300.00


Vintage Fairground Reclaimed Desk 

Fairground Counter Desk Specifications

Height79 cm
Width141 cm
Depth61.5 cm
Weight40 kg
WoodOak Wood
Storage SolutionsShop Counter

Fairground Counter Desk

Designed from an original 1930's Ark and Speedway Ride in England, this unique desk comes with a priceless touch of 'scream if you wanna go faster!!' The Ark came from Germany originally, before arriving in England in the early thirties - and now it has been beautifully restored and recycled into this one off desk.

The quirky sign writing featured on the desk is absolutely phenomenal. For those of you, like myself, who are fans of vintage fairs and carnival themes, this piece of furniture is beyond your wildest dreams. The oak top is naturally aged and provides you with bucket loads of vintage charm. The desk also boasts of a large storage area making it suitable as a shop or bar counter. You really won't see anything like this ever again, so if unique is top of your agenda, then the Fairground Desk is for you.