Drum Art Mirror

£ 158.00


Porthole steel drum art mirrors. 

Please note our drum mirrors none are the same and they come in different colours, red, yellow, grey, blue, white. We can not send out colours that you want as they are all mixed up, they do look best around the home with this mix design of colours.

Drum Art Mirror Specifications

Height58 cm
Width58 cm
Depth10 cm
Weight7 kg
MetalsReclaimed Steel
InteriorLiving Room
OutdoorsOutdoor Mirrors
MirrorsGold Mirror

Drum Art Mirror

Designed here in the UK, our Industrial porthole convex recycled mirrors are made from old vintage steel oil drums. These cool metal mirrors look great in your home, office or even outside in the garden! They gain attention anywhere and everywhere!

Mr Smithers loves nothing more than a cool man cave idea, and these retro mirrors make a great man cave addition. They also work equally well in bars, pubs and clubs.