Bespoke Furniture

We strive to offer an imaginative collection of Furniture, but it is impossible to cater to everyone’s needs, which is why we are proud to provide a Bespoke Furniture And Lighting Commission Service.

Having built up our team of in-house designers and talented craftsmen, Smithers is able to complete any Bespoke Furniture requests with excellent advice, edgy design and high end quality. 

Bespoke Furniture

Since setting up our Bespoke Service, we have been involved in many corporate projects. Whatever your field – banks, restaurants, cafes, retail, offices or bars, rest assured your individual requests will be carried out with the utmost professionalism. Our Bespoke Team always go the extra mile to ensure the process is a smooth one. 

Alongside corporate clients, we have also carried out many domestic requests – Boardroom Tables perhaps, or a new desk or lamp, Furniture repairs, Not a problem. We pride ourselves on offering a very personal service to ensure customers can order with confidence at Smithers. 

The main aim of our Bespoke Service, is the same as that of the Smithers online shop – to provide our clients with something a little different, that doesn’t skimp on quality. Bespoke we do – boring we don’t! To discuss any bespoke orders, please contact the team on and we will do our very best by you!