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An Aladdins Cave Full Of Upcycled Furniture & Recycled Salvaged Products.

Our Recycled Business

We have poured our heart and souls into our Upcycled Furniture Collection here at Smithers and are very proud of our environmentally friendly Eco furniture to date. Having been in the recycling business for a good few years now, we have built up a large number of the very best salvage engineers in the world to work with the Smithers of Stamford Brand.

Upcycled Designs We Sell

Bar Stools, Home Bar Designs, Industrial Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Cabinets for the Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, and Commercial Business. Our collection features a broad range of up-cycled products, all of which have been salvaged and restored to an excellent standard by talented craftsmen. They make child's play of combining the finest modern day materials with our recycled paraphernalia to bring a subtle touch of retro to every single piece. 

Branded Products

Most of our Furniture pieces are designed specifically for us and branded with the Smithers stamp of approval. However, we are also fortunate enough to use several well known up-cycling artists in the UK as well, which is mainly due to our participation in the BBC's Money For Nothing TV Show that demonstrates the benefits of recycling old furniture and lighting.

Where Does This Furniture Go

This type of Cool Furniture works equally well in new homes and old alike, but truly comes into its own when teamed with industrial designs amongst a Loft Apartment setting. These urban products are totally made for those type of surroundings! Our Upcycled Furniture Collection has also proved popular with cool restaurants and quirky hotels in London, Brighton and New York.

Bespoke Service

If we don't have the furniture listed you're after, please take a look at our Bespoke Furniture Service.

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Milk Churn Stool Vintage Bar Stools Smithers of Stamford £265.00 Store UK, US, EU, AE,BE,CA,DK,FR,DE,IE,IT,MT,NL,NO,ES,SE

Milk Churn Stool

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Tuk Tuk Bar Repurposed Furniture Smithers of Stamford £2,360.00 Store UK, US, EU, AE,BE,CA,DK,FR,DE,IE,IT,MT,NL,NO,ES,SE

Tuk Tuk Bar

Price £2,360.00
Tractor Desk Recycled Wood Furniture Smithers of Stamford £2,825.00 Store UK, US, EU, AE,BE,CA,DK,FR,DE,IE,IT,MT,NL,NO,ES,SE

Tractor Desk

Price £2,825.00
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