Retro Furniture

Smithers of Stamford Retro Furniture endeavours to be the cool kids on the block, and you can be too with our online range of handmade furniture designs!  The Retro brand is huge for us and includes bar stools, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, armchairs, cabinets, chests of drawers and sofas. We did warn you it was a large Retro Collection!!

We entered the furniture industry to share our passion for something a little different and to hopefully inspire others to add a splash of cool along the way. The Retro Range consists of styles made to the highest quality, that you just can't buy on the high street. We have many specialists in house to create these iconic pieces, and regularly use timbers such as mango wood, cedar, oak, teak and fir. 

The old retro designs are often inspired by iconic styles of the past. When choosing a modern retro piece, be sure to stay within a theme. You can choose a kitschy item from the 1950s, mod look of the 1960s, or a bohemian piece from the 1970s. Once you have chosen the theme, you should be consistent with the pieces. That way you can move furniture around the house.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and colours. Retro designs come in vibrant colours that only add to their appeal. The best thing about retro designs is that you can mix it well with new modern designs. Using items from a single era can be challenging, but you can easily combine old vintage design with modern day pieces for a look thats truly amazing.

Smithers can offer personal support and realistic advice when it comes to choosing the right Retro designed piece for you. Whilst we are super passionate about our collection, but it is merely guidance that comes from us - the decision must be yours. After all, a Retro purchase is very much about your lifestyle and the space you live in. We're just here to help you find that stunning retro design that you simply can't live without! 

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