We travel through many countries to find the most beautiful Antique Furniture we can find...

Restore Antiques

These furniture items were found in abandoned factories, land-washed ships, or other places that we have discovered. We restore, recycle the interior treasures that we find while preserving the story of their past.

Antique Furniture

Our mission is to pass the furniture on to a new client where they will be appreciated for many years to come. Smithers stock list of antique furniture are one-off items only, so they are unique.

Antiques We Sell

From this category you will find apothecary cabinets, dressers, chairs and hallway bench seats, dining tables, coffee tables, all are genuine one-off antiques that have be found by us and now reselling to business and the public.

Furniture By Nick Smith 

Furniture all sourced by Nick Smith, who for many years has been on the BBC Tv Show BBC Money for Nothing on many episodes . Nick Smith has been into vintage and antiques for many years and built up amazing collections of vintage and salvaged furniture.

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Showing 1-76 of 117 item(s)