Carbecue BBQ

This Carbecue is the Best Barbecue in the World....

Drive Your Friends Wild With Envy

A conversation piece when cooking the BBQ in the summer at home with guests or is the absolute finishing touch to your business function. Recycled from an old classic Ambassador Taxi, the Carbecue is sure to drive your friends wild with envy.

Please note that the carbecue is made from a real used urban Indian taxi and the look and finish will reflect this!

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Sustainable Living Tips for Urban Dwellers: Eco-Conscious Innovations in Home Design

Urbanites have long faced a peculiar challenge when it comes to sustainable living. Conventional wisdom suggests that city living is antithetical to an eco-friendly lifestyle, with cramped spaces and fast-paced everyday routines seeming to hinder the kind of green-conscious practices usually associated with suburban or rural life. However, the truth is far more nuanced. For many urban dwellers, the quest for sustainability is as much a staple of their lifestyle as the convenience of city life itself.

We'll explore home innovations that blend sustainability with a pinch of urban flair, demonstrating how city dwellers can be at the forefront of the green living movement. I am particularly focusing on an ingenious creation, the Carbecue, a barbeque unit 'recycled' from a retired Indian taxi, reimagined as a fascinating center-piece of eco-friendly home entertainment.

By unpacking the sustainable living ethos behind this innovative product, we'll reveal broader insights on how urbanites can integrate sustainability into their living spaces without compromising style or social connectivity. The Carbecue represents more than just a trendy accessory; it encapsulates an urbanite's potential to merge environmental stewardship with metropolitan living.

The Urban Context of Sustainability

The urban environment is a hotbed of innovation and community, a space where the interconnectedness of resources and people necessitates novel solutions to age-old problems. When it comes to living sustainably, urban dwellers are uniquely positioned to lead the charge.

Maximizing Space: Urban dwellings often offer limited square footage, prompting inhabitants to innovate space-saving solutions. This very constraint is a catalyst for minimalistic living and a reduction in material consumption.

Energy Efficiency: High density of power consumers in urban settings encourages the development of energy-saving technologies and behaviours, serving as a crucible for increased awareness and adoption of renewables.

Community Collaboration: Close proximity to neighbours fosters a sense of community that can be leveraged for collective sustainable action, from neighbourhood composting initiatives to shared urban gardens.

Public Transportation: The prevalence of public transit in cities reduces the need for personal vehicles, a significant contributor to carbon emissions.

The Carbecue is a unique emblem of sustainability that resonates with these urban virtues. By examining its creative use of space, efficient functionality, communal potential, and innovative reimagining of a vehicle's life cycle, we can draw parallels to broader urban sustainable living practices.

The Carbecue as a Path to Urban Sustainability

The Carbecue transcends the traditional connotations of a backyard BBQ. It serves as a reminder that sustainability can be integrated into the very fabric of urban life, transforming everyday spaces and practices into eco-conscious showcases.

Recycled from Reality: The Carbecue is not a mere simulacrum of sustainability; it is born from a lived urban reality, capitalising on the repurposing of a taxi to extend its utility and minimise waste.

Gas-Fired Efficiency: With a gas-fired BBQ, the Carbecue promotes cleaner energy consumption, aligning with the urban focus on renewable and efficient power sources.

Multi-Purpose Design: The Carbecue's design is a testament to dual-purpose functionality. It acts as a cooking platform and a social hub, embodying the urban ideal of multifunctional living spaces.

Lifetime Purchase: By adopting a "lifetime purchase" mindset, the Carbecue encourages conscious consumerism, prompting urbanites to invest in quality, long-lasting products that reduce the demand for disposable replacements.

The Carbecue's ingenious blend of sustainability and urban functionality showcases the potential for city-centric products to contribute positively to the environment and to the social fabric of urban communities.

Integrating Eco-Friendly Design at Home

The appeal of the Carbecue lies not just in its novelty but in its implication for holistic sustainable living. City dwellers can emulate the Carbecue's spirit in their own living spaces by adopting similar, eco-conscious approaches to design and lifestyle.

Upcycled Décor: Integrating upcycled or repurposed items into home design reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing new products while adding a unique, personalized touch to living spaces.

Energy-Efficient Lighting: Opting for LED or energy-saving lighting solutions cuts electricity consumption and reduces the carbon footprint.

Indoor Greenery: Incorporating plants into indoor environments improves air quality and brings a touch of nature to the concrete jungle, fostering a connection to the environment despite urban barriers.

Minimalist Furnishings: Selecting functional, high-quality furniture over mass-produced, disposable items not only conserves resources but also promotes a clutter-free, organised living space.

Composting Solutions: Even in a high-rise apartment, urban composting methods offer a means to reduce food waste and contribute to sustainable urban agriculture initiatives.

Adopting these sustainable design approaches at home allows urbanites to contribute to a collective, city-scale effort in environmental responsibility, turning city living into a testament of sustainable innovation.

Creating a Sustainable Community Lifestyle

The impact of the Carbecue as a centerpiece for sustainable community lifestyles cannot be understated. By fostering connections and conversations around eco-friendly practices, such products can serve as catalysts for broader urban sustainability movements.

Neighborhood Experiences: Hosting Carbecue events for friends and neighbors can be a forum for sharing sustainable living tips and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship within communities.

Local Sourcing: Shopping at farmer's markets and local producers not only supports the urban economy but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food platter transportation.

Waste Reduction Collaboratives: Partnering with local businesses and organisations to recycle, reduce waste, and support community projects extends the impact of urban sustainability efforts into the public sphere.

By leveraging community trends and interests, such as the popularity of social gatherings and the desire for unique, shared experiences, urbanites can champion a sustainable framework that is both aspirational and achievable.

The Future of Urban Sustainability

The story of the Carbecue serves as a microcosm for the potential of urban living to weave sustainability into the very tapestry of modernity. It is a testament to the capacity of cities to incubate innovative, eco-friendly solutions that resonate far beyond municipal borders.

By continuing to champion products and practices that merge sustainability with urban functionality, we can pave the way for a more livable, connected, and green future. Complementing policies and infrastructural changes with grassroots, community-driven initiatives is key to creating lasting change.

The Carbecue's story is part of a larger narrative of urban innovation and environmental responsibility. By heeding its lessons and integrating its spirit into our urban lives, we can turn the city into an incubator of sustainable living, proving that ecological harmony and metropolitan vibrancy are not exclusive — they are inextricably linked.

In conclusion, the Carbecue exemplifies the urban potential for sustainable living, showcasing how innovative designs can transform urban spaces into hubs of environmental responsibility. Urbanites have the opportunity to lead the charge in integrating sustainability into their homes, community practices, and lifestyles, demonstrating that even in the heart of the city, the seeds of a greener future can take root.

By adopting the same creativity and ingenuity that birthed the Carbecue, urban dwellers can create spaces that are not just environmentally sound but also aesthetically pleasing, functional, and socially engaging. The future of sustainable urban living is not just a possibility — it is a choice we can make today.

Data sheet

Gifts For Dad
Styles Urban
Metals Steel
Height 80 cm
Length 168 cm
Depth 72 cm
Weight 130 kg
Outdoors Barbeque
Suitable for Commercial Yes
Reference UCS - CB1
EAN 7626039918708


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      3.  We do not accept returns on international orders or sale items.

    Warranty 5 years

    62.  Your warranty - Our furniture is under warranty for 2 years for defects. Wear and Tear are not covered by any means. Wooden furniture has to be conditioned with oils to prevent woodworm and cracks.  Please take the time to look at our furniture care page about looking after your furniture on the bottom of our site map page. Any fault's that occur within 3 months will be fixed at your address with our engineer first, if the fault can not be fixed then we will inspect the product, a refund or exchange will be made only on the 'condition that the product has not been misused' Please note significant use from wear and tear for contact use is not covered by Smithers of Stamford and does not have any warranty. All contract furniture items are listed in our shop and come with a guarantee. Gifts and lighting warranty is 3 Months.

    Shipping Insurance

    63 International Shipping Insurance - 'Small items that are not furniture'  -  Check goods on arrival, if you have damage please contact us within 48 hours to report damage or loss. Send us the photos of damages, and also the photos of the original box showing were damage or loss is seen, we need the box to make the claim, and for a return journey. Please note if you don't keep the box insurance will not cover the claim. DHL only covers insurance if within this time frame of 48 hours from Signature time. If this is not done, we do not take responsibility for the damage or loss. Large furniture orders are only insured with our wooden crate service, all customers have the option of furniture being sent in a cardboard box but this is not insured and we are not liable, we will contact customers by email expressing our Concerns about sending in cardboard. We always state by email not to send without a wooden crate.

    64. Customers wanting parcels left with next door or left on premises without signing for is at your own risk, and we won't be held responsible for any loss or damage.


    65. The UK only Exchange and Refunds,  Contact us within 14 days and we will exchange for another item or refund, minus our original shipping cost and return journey is at your cost, Goods must be unused in perfect condition. (including original box and remain in a saleable condition, it is your responsibility to send back to us with courier of your choice. Address Smithers of Stamford. We are unable to refund the return postage by you. Please note made to order bespoke items are nonrefundable.

    Worldwide Shipping Insurance

    66 Worldwide shipping - products are fully insured.

    67 UK Shipping Damages Must be Reported in 72 hours, this is our terms of sale, please open your package on delivery. If reported after 72 hours Smithers of Stamford is not liable.

    68 International shipping furniture - All customers please contact us first before you place the order, so we can get the correct shipping quote for your country. Smaller items will calculate at checkout.

    69 Any credit or debit card fraud transactions that are filed from customers bank after a 30 day period from the original customers' purchase date. 'Smithers of Stamford Is not liable for loss of funds from the sale'

    70 All International Orders import Tax will be added to your bill from your Countries Customs, please be aware of the added tax on the product when you receive it. Approx 20%  'If you don't except the COD taxes and delivery from DHL we are not liable for the goods, Smithers of Stamford will not refund the product amount to you or return shipping fee to us from dhl! The items will be destroyed from DHL. Smithers of Stamford is not liable. Final Sale-No Refund.

    71 International Orders If the customer refuses delivery from us, we are not liable and NO refund will be given under any circumstances.

    72 All Commission custom made to orders items are non-refundable

    Your Warranty 

    73 Furniture Warranty is 2 years from the purchase date, this does not include damages through wear and tear, including warping from sunlight and heat.

    75 Gifts Warranty 6 months from purchase date.

    76 Lighting Warranty - 12 months from purchase date.

    77 Custom furniture -  2 years from delivery date.

    78 Furniture Orders that are cancelled by customer while items are in transit, this is chargeable by us for shipping costs. Fee cost of £49.00 will be deducted from your original payment method. This is to cover the fee to our carrier.


    79 Returns must then be sent back to us within 30 days of our original outward delivery. The product must be sent back in it's [original box] and in a re-sellable condition - exactly as it arrived with you and unused in perfect condition. If you don't have the original box or any faults have occurred in return transit, or damage when you had the item in your possession we will 'NOT ' process a refund. Your item will be sent back to you with the refusal of your refund. 

    80 Photo Shoots - Warning Interior stylists -  Any of our items that have been used for photo shoots and then sent back to us for refunds, hire charge will be chargeable at £350 per day.

    81 Please note we do not accept returns on international orders.

    83 Please note bespoke items are non refundable.

    84 RETURNS - Is is the customers responsibility to return items to us at the address below.

    Return Address

    Smithers of Stamford.

    Church Farm

    Etton, Peterborough PE67DA Uk.

    Tel 01780 435060

Company Information

80.1Company name: Smithers of Stamford Limited.

80.2Country of incorporation: England and Wales.

80.3Registered number: 09023413

80.4Registered Office: Church Farm Etton, Cambs  PE6 7DA

Main trading address: As Above

80.6Email address:

80.7Other contact information: See our website.

80.8VAT number: GB 236453507

Last Modified: 8th April 2024

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Whilst our client base is large, our customer service remains with a personal touch for your interior needs. The Smithers brand is one you can trust.

5 Year Warranty

Smithers has got you covered with our unbeatable ''5 Year Warranty' when choosing us you're not only choosing exceptional style and design, but also peace of mind.
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Once you've placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email detailing delivery eta within 48 hours. Stock items are sent out the next day with DPD or Royal Mail. 'Furniture delivery takes maximum of 10 - 28 days if stock item' 

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Easy Returns Policy

We offer furniture delivery with inspection with our drivers, If you don't like it, you can send it back the same day. Small item returns simply let the Smithers Team know and they will assist you in every step of the return process. '' Email
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Changed your mind. Returns are not a problem at Smithers. We offer 30 day cooling off period.
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We are proud to provide a Bespoke Furniture And Lighting Commission Service for you.

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    Can carbecue be used with coal instead of gas or is it only for gas use only

    Hi sure, you can use coal if you wanted too. But it is a gas cooker that is installed, so you would have to add your own grill if you wanted to use coal.

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