Furniture care and Warranty

Thank you for choosing Smithers of Stamford furniture. We pride ourselves on quality bespoke products and it's now important for you to take some time to maintain that unique finish. Wooden Furniture and Leather is under warranty for 12 months for defects. Reclaimed wood is under warranty for 12 months. Aluminium furniture 6 months. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, or any woodworm that might occur at later date in your home. Please use bees wax on furniture every 3 months.

Whilst your furniture has been treated with oils and kiln dried for general protection, to insure your furniture will last a lifetime you must follow Smithers care instructions. We advice using clear beeswax every 3 months with a soft cloth in the direction of the grain. Please clean your leather with conditioner every 3 months. SPILLAGES - if you spill anything on the surface, ensure you clean it up straight away, using a blotting action. ABRASIVES - DO NOT under any circumstances spray cleaning products on your furniture as it will damage the finish.

Dusting - dust your furniture regularly with clean, dry cloth or duster. CRACKS IN WOOD - wood is naturally hygroscopic, meaning that its moisture content varies depending on the humidity level. Smithers of Stamford wood furniture has been kiln dried, however humidity changes may result in cracks or movement. Please do not be alarmed if a crack appears, this is a completely normal response to our furniture and its new environment. HEAT - It is not advisable to position your furniture in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

DIRECT SUNLIGHT - Please do not place your product in direct sunlight or this will cause the furniture to fade. PLACING DRINKS ON FURNITURE - To prevent minor marks and scratches, always use place mats or a table cloth. Metal type furniture must be light oiled every 6 months to prevent any corrosion.