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Artificial Trees & Plants

Transform Your Home And Outdoor Garden With Our Artificial Plants.

Tropical Plants

Nothing brings a space to life more than a luscious array of glorious greenery. However, if you're anything like us and haven't been blessed with the greenest of fingers, then our wonderful selection of Fake Plants Including Palm Trees. Banana Tree. Bird Of Paradise Plant. Monstera Plant. Reed Plant. Yucca Tree. Fig Leaf Tree. Olive Tree. Desert Cactus Plant. Weeping Willow. Trailing Foliage Plant.

is just the thing. Maximum impact guaranteed without any upkeep or risk of death by dehydration!

Green Fingers

Due to popular demand, we've greatly expanded this Artificial Collection. Regardless of whether you're a romantic Weeping Willow Tree type of gal, or a modern day Succulent sort of fella, you'll be pleased to know we've gone to great lengths to tick all the foliage preference boxes. 

Adding an exotic flourish to your interior space has never been so easy thanks to our fabulous collection of Tropical Plants. Whatever your preference - exotic and tall or Mediterranean and small, there really is something for everyone!

  • Suitable for Outdoors and Indoor.
  • Hard Wearing.
  • Tropical
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