Denim Tub Chair

£ 887.00


Denim Tub Armchair. Handmade from recycled jeans.

Denim Tub Chair Specifications

Height73 cm
Width84 cm
Depth76 cm
Weight18 kg
MaterialsRecycled Denim
WoodTeak Wood

Denim Tub Chair

The Fonz Tub Denim Chair  is ideal for accenting a key space in a living room, bedroom, office or even for adding the finishing touch to a reading area in a hotel lobby. Upholstered in recycled, vintage denim fabric, the warming deep blue texture combines well with the classic tube shaping to wrap itself comfortably around you. The frame is made from Mango hardwood. This is recycled boutique furniture with a real modern, retro edge.  

Now sit on it, Ritchie.