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Boombox Speaker Suitcase

It is with sheer Smithers smugness that we introduce you to our uber cool collection of Boombox Speaker Suitcase...

"Most Suitcases are sold-out, but we can make commission orders for your needs." Email us for Here

Music Suitcases

These Suitcases come complete with only the very best quality sound system using technics parts, we also use other parts providing many heavenly hours of mobile music to your ears!! Our suitcases are completely unique and strictly for only the smoothest of music lovers.

Banging Tunes

The perfect accessory for any ageing ravers growing old semi-disgracefully who enjoy nothing more than serving up some banging tunes at a family picnic on the beach! Our tuneful cases are handmade here in the UK and take a full three days to make, not to mention blood, sweat, tears, soul and a whole lot of imagination to make.

Bluetooth and Apple compatible

If you like your Suitcase to come with amazing sound quality and a large drop of style, then these are just the thing!!


Click the link Here for our video 

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