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Man Cave Furniture & Decor

Smithers Cool Man Cave Ideas For Furniture, Stuff & Decor. Accessories for The Shed.

Man Cave Ideas

We house everything your heart desires for your beloved bolthole!! Whilst we all love spending time with our families, your 'Me' time is of equal importance. Thankfully, the rise of the Man Cave (or Girl Pad) has made it totally acceptable to close the door on your loved ones of an evening and enjoy a space thats entirely dedicated to you! Whether you're a gaming addict, wannabe rockstar, football fanatic, cocktail queen or anything else in between, your Man Cave should be relevant to you and bedecked in the coolest homewares on the planet - thats where we come in!

Man Cave Accessories

Our designs range from vintage themes and Man Cave Bars. Here at Smithers HQ, we specialise in the art of man cave stuff for your home and work place. We have a varied selection of cool chairs and tables, industrial bar stools, super cool armchairs, awesome office desks, storage trunks and a totally original selection of Home Bars that will leave you speechless.

Man Cave Furniture

We also offer modern day vintage styles incorporating reclaimed and recycled factory pieces from circa 1950's UK and USA if you're in search of something a little different.

You Can't Buy From The High Street

Smithers collection of bespoke handmade industrial furniture showcases many amazing investment pieces that you can't buy on the high street, so if you want dynamic designs for your home or office, then you've come to the right place.

Caves For Men And Woman

A Man Cave (sorry ladies - or Girl Pad), should be a space you can dare to be different. Whilst you may not want a touch of crazy throughout the majority of your home, your cave absolutely cries out for it!! This is the place to light up with Bicycle Lamps and hang the Chequered Rhino Head on the wall. Its practically law that you fill up your Tata Truck Home Bar with your favourite tipples that you can enjoy in peace whilst sat astride your Vespa Chair!! 

Achieve That Cool Man Cave With our Help

A Man Cave is no place for mundanity - cool is the only way forward. We know this speech sounds a little like we're running for President, but if theres one thing we're passionate about, its Man Caves. It your God given right to experience the joy of the cave, and Smithers of Stamford are here to very much help you achieve that.

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