Money For Nothing

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Smithers of Stamford have a few retro products in our shop from the show Money for Nothing BBC1's recycling TV show - Fortunately for Smithers, we've been lucky enough to be one of the first to see the creative new designs from Money for Nothing, and snapped up some very clever industrial designs to add to the Smithers of Stamford store.

Sarah Moore, writer, presenter and very passionate user of vintage bric-a-brac, and has rescued an array of items from salvage centres throughout England and commissioned a cast of uniquely talented artists to transform unwanted furniture pieces and lighting into cold, hard cash. Their challenge is to reinvent the materials destined for the dump into innovative, ingenious and sustainable retro, quirky designs – and all for a nice profit. As well you know, Smithers of Stamford are big believers in the reclaimed, upcycling and salvaging of items destined for the scrap yard and breathing new life into them.

We are hoping BBC One's Money For Nothing will help raise awareness of upcycling. It’s environmentally green and eco-friendly and will add something truly retro to your living space. Smithers favourite design from the show is the sheepskin chairs by Anthony.