Aviator furniture

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Themed vintage, aviation furniture collection carries a strong military aircraft styles.

Based strongly on the spitfire fighter planes of WWII and is our number one best selling airplane furniture range.

Mr Smithers is a massive fan of our metal aviation art. The finish product on our aviator range is second to none and of the highest quality. We have a selection of Italian Leather aviator swivel armchairs, and airplane wing tables, aeroplane wing Leather writing desk, chairs, bedside tables, tall cabinets and chest of drawers.

All our designs can be used in the home - particularly in living rooms and bedrooms or works equally well in a cool office . Mr Smithers has the ideas to transform your living space into something special taking influence from the historical British UK Royal Air Force World War II spitfire aircraft.

Featuring Interlocking aluminium panels & riveted metal. This cool Aviation furniture range has become a big trend in many UK British homes after the inspirational ideas seen in the Daily Mail newspaper article on upcycling a B-727 aircraft in the USA New York in 2012. Our aviation furniture range is made from reproduction aircraft aluminium material to keep the cost down when making our bespoke reproduction furniture.

If you're in London we have these aircraft inspired armchairs and office desks at business office properties - Email Smithers for details for viewings of our aircraft themed furniture..