Upcycled retro furniture

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We have poured our heart and souls into our Upcycled Furniture Collection here at Smithers and are very proud of our environmentally friendly Eco furniture to date.

Having been in recycling business a good few years now, we now have a large number of the very best upcycling manufacturer contacts from all over the world - their knowledge is second to none, so we are happy to put our Smithers of Stamford name to the designs.

Most of our upcycled furniture pieces are designed specifically for us and branded with the Smithers stamp of approval. . We are also fortunate enough to use several well known upcycling artists in the UK as well, which is mainly due to our participation in the BBC's Money For Nothing TV show that demonstrates the benefits of upcycling old furniture.

Our collection features an eclectic furniture range that includes cool upcycled chairs, sustainable, recycled dining tables, drinks cabinets, chest of drawers and reclaimed armchairs - all of which have been salvaged from the tip and restored to an excellent standard by craftsmen with a touch of retro using the finest luxury modern day materials. This type of furniture works equally well in new homes, and old alike, but truly comes into its own when teamed with loft apartments and industrial design. Our Upcycled furniture Collection has also proved popular with cool restaurants and quirky hotels in London, Brighton and New York.