Aviator Spitfire Chair

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Spitfire Chair -  The Spitfire Chair means business, looks ready for battle and I still want it. Well good people of the world, this is your Aviator Captain speaking!

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Aviator Spitfire Chair Specifications

Height78 cm
Width130 cm
Depth73 cm
Weight60 kg
MaterialsBrown Leather
WoodTeak Wood

Aviator Spitfire Chair

Aviation TomCat Spitfire Furniture - I hope you’ve enjoyed todays flight through the glorious sights and sounds of Smithers Aviation Furniture Range. We will be disembarking within the next few minutes but if we can be of service to you in any way regarding this collection, then please do not hesitate to approach the cockpit aka Smithers HQ. Magnificent collection, aerodynamically WWII inspired and influenced by the historical British Royal Air Force Spitfire fighter planes. Interlocking aluminium panels & riveted metal creating the unique industrial Spitfire airpalne finish, Full padded Italian distressed leather. [Wo]Man cave furniture at its best, so unique and quirky.