Skull Tidy

£ 40.00

A great storage place for your knick-knacks the skull tidy.

Skull Tidy Specifications

Height16 cm
Width12.5 cm
Depth21.5 cm
Weight1.1 kg
MaterialsPoly Resin
Special GiftsHousewarming Gifts
Home AccessoriesStorage Tidy
ArtisanSuck UK

Skull Tidy

It can be difficult to keep track of your keys, glasses, phone, watch, loose change from your pockets (I could go on......) but Smithers can offer a helping hand in getting totally organised - keep your paraphernalia in our Skeleton Skull, freeing up space in yours!

The key to good organisation is to keep everything in one place, so stay tidy and fill your skull with stuff before you lose your head.