Tractor Table

£ 900.00

£ 1,200.00

-£ 300.00


Tractor Coffee Table - Upcycled furniture at its very best featuring our cool recycled coffee table by Smithers. Please note our tractor table paint work none are the same and all vary with rustic colour reds.

Tractor Table Specifications

Height55 cm
Width122 cm
Depth64 cm
Weight45 kg
MaterialsTempered Glass
MetalsRecycled Steel
InteriorLiving Room
TablesGlass Coffee Table

Tractor Table

As part of Smither's new and exclusive Tractor Furniture Range, this upcycled coffee table has been recycled from old parts and upgraded with new material to make this a super cool piece of retro furniture. These cool tables look great in a retro, vintage themed pub, restaurant or hotels. If you're feeling adventurous, its a really unusual piece for the home living room that demands attention!

Our salvaged antique red tractor coffee table is handmade from an original, authentic Massey Ferguson Tractor hood front end. Complete with new grill and non-functioning headlights. The toughened glass top completes a most unique and nostalgic designer table. To this day Massey Ferguson is the front runner manufacturer of farming agricultural equipment based in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. In the early 20th century, they sent old manufacturing equipment World-Wide to other countries, including farmer tractors. Please stop by every week to see our new upcycled furniture designs.