Tata Mini Truck Bar

£ 1,185.00

T- 2

Reclaimed Tata Mini Truck Bar.

Recycled from an old Tata Motor Trucks. Superior high quality for commercial use as well as the home.

Made to Order 12 - 6 Weeks

Tata Mini Truck Bar Specifications

Height105 cm
Width87 cm
Depth47 cm
Weight35 kg
WoodReclaimed Boat Wood
MetalsReclaimed Steel
Storage SolutionsHome Bar

Tata Mini Truck Bar

Our super cool mini Tata Truck Bar cabinet makes an cool conversation piece when parked up in your living room. Handmade with recycled motor parts and reclaimed boat wood, the Truck Bar is a totally functional mini bar.

This fabulous Tata bar is designed in high quality steel Upcycled from trucks comes with plenty of storage solutions and features two shelves perfect for putting your beers and wine in. This is Heavy Goods Vehicle with a Smithers drinking twist!!