Hi. I want to order 2 of the Bulldogs and was hoping you could help me please? I want 2 “white with stripes”, however I want 2 different poses if possible? I have alcoves either side of a media wall in my living room and my plan is to have a bulldog in each of the alcoves, but as well as the above requests I also want them to be of a similar size as it won’t look right if they’re different sizes. Is this anything you can help me with please? Thank you for your time, Marcus Harrington

Hi Marcus, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. All the Bulldog options we have are listed on the website - each design is exactly the same in size and pose, the only difference may be the stripes as these are painted by hand. Unfortunately we cannot supply different poses of the same ornament. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via team@smithersofstamford.com

Best wishes, Smithers.