Product Enquiries

Can I purchase replacement Furniture parts?

We can replace some parts on furniture like handles and chair feet replacement parts. If you discover that your product has incorrect or missing parts, or its faulty, please get in touch with The Smithers Team. Please send us a photo or Video with your order number to our online contact us form and we will be happy to help you.

Hello, I might be interested in buying 3 of your folding reclaimed wood bar tables — for a friend‘s trade show stand in Germany. 2 questions: - which bar stool height would you recommend to go with it? 75 cm? - would you consider a discount if w . . .

Hi the stools height for this would be be 80 cm bar stools, sorry we do not discount our products. Delivery would cost £120-£160 to Eu Countries. Lead Time would be 2-3 weeks.

How much does the Vespa Scooter Wall Art weigh?

This weighs 28 kg

Greetings from Oregon, USA Do you have either the red or green apple sculpture for sale? Pricing? Appreciated, James

HI James The Apple ornaments are now discontinued from our store, we won't be getting any more in sorry about this.

Hi the velvet scallop chairs can you make them in different sizes and material, how much would this cost

Hi we can make you a custom bespoke order, prices vary from £1500-£3500 for a brand new scallop chair to be commission made the price depends on size and material we use. 

Hi I’ve got a boat coffee table but it’s missing two metal hooped holders for the ores is this something you sell ? Thnx

Hi we keep spares for some of our own products only, if this was bought from Smithers then maybe we could have spares. 

I've just received my order, and there's a problem with it. What should I do?

We are so sorry to hear that there is an issue with your item. We would love to get this sorted for you and so we can get the best solution, Smithers will need to see a photograph or video from you demonstrating the product area and with a description of the issue. Please send this to Smithers along with your order number to our contact us page and our care team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Hi, I am interested in getting a personalised road sign to be Wembley Way HA9, but would like it to be more in keeping with an original, similar to others on your site , with the HA9 being in RED. Is that possible do you think.? Many thanks

Hi sure this is possible to make a custom road sign for you, if you browse on our website you can find personalised signs for sale link here

Hi - re: the Selletti gold standing mouse, does it have a white cable and come with a UK plug attached? Many thanks.

Hi the seletti gold lamps now come with black lead only with uk plug, these have been changed in 2019, Seletti no longer make them with white cable 

Do you make designer furniture on commissions basis ? If so what sort of price would be a new wing back armchair be with tan leather

A new wingback armchair made to order would depend on material and wood used for the chair, As a guide £900 to £3500

thank you- can you confirm, are the letters engraved or relief? thanks again

the love heart letters are carved from wood, then glued onto a wood plaque

Hi, Would you take an offer on the cream Vespa table lamp If I was to collect. Thanks

Hi Sorry we don't take offers on vespa lamps ,We do have a sale on now with 20% off, thanks for reaching out to Smithers.

Hi, I have recently purchased the soldiers helmet lamp and trying to figure out what bulb it takes? Thanks Craig

Hi Craig it takes a E27 Light Bulb

How much is the alley oop table or how much did it sell for?

The Alley oop gym recycled table sold a very long time ago now, sorry about this, please do look at our other reclaimed dining tables listed here

Hi love this style is there a version with a lower foot board? Regards steve

Hi Steve we only have this one in the super king bed sorry 

Hi - is this gramophone chandelier by Mullan lighting? Can I order with longer chain length? Thanks.

Hi They are the same as Mullan Lighting yes and chain can be made any size you want 

Hi Can you please confirm the dimensions of the following Minimalist Console Table

Hi sure its 91 cm High, Length is 110 cm and depth 24 cm 

Kind regards Smithers

Hi, I am interested in the Airplane Wing Coffee Table. Can you please let me know what airplane type it's from and in addition, what would be the approximate shipping to Dubai?

Hi this aviator coffee table is a replica and not made from a real aircraft, its a reproduction made to look like, shipping to Dubai would need to be crated at a cost of £219.00 and Ups Fee is £426.00 to ship

Hi do you have 2x seletti snake armchair and footstool in stock Thanks Tim

Hi yes we have them all in stock for you. Delivery would be early May sorry its not quicker delivery, its slow getting furniture delivered at present. Kind Regards Smithers

Hi, can you make the reclaimed table top 700mm x 400mm? If so how would I order this. How quickly could I get it? Many thanks.

Hi Paul all sizes are on website we dont have this size, but can do a custom order if you want a bespoke tables making 

Just wondering if you ship to Australia? I'm interested in the Retro Floor Lamp and was also wondering if these are still available?

Hi we don't sell the copper floor lamps any longer 

Please can you let me know when you have the faux cowhide retro style sofa in stock. Cheers

W dont sell the cowhides sofas any more sorry, do look at our others goats fur products online though 

link here

Good Afternoon! I found your website as I was planning to round out my Eagle Pub with a small bar seating area. I plan to order two Spitfire bar stools but I wanted to ask about CRL-TD1. The area I mapped out is smaller - 46 cm x 100 cm. Is there an . . .

Ho sorry, this range we don't make special sizes for this range. We only have what's in the store

kind Regards Smithers

Do you do any other station names to order in British Rail signs.Thankyou

Hi yes we do have more vintage style train station signs just here

see the drop-down box 

also, we have these

And, these

and, these

Hello, I was just wondering what other sizes you had available of the coat of arms wall plaque, and if you will be getting any more in store some time in the future?Thanks, Sam

hi we only have the large now sorry about this 

Are your cocoons waterproof

hi Yes the are fully waterproof

does the cacoon hammock come with a fixing ?

Hi yes they come with everything you need to hang cacoons, you can buy a loop for them as well if hanging from a tree, this is here in our cacoon category

Hi, Is this item still available please VA01-12?

Hi this is old stock but we have a similar one here

Hi there, I would like to purchase this mirror but see bulbs aren't included. Do you sell the coloured bulbs? Thanks, Bebe

Hi Bebe 

Sorry about this, the mirror now comes with white bulbs included.  I have just updated the listing with option to add the coloured bulbs.

Regards Smithers Team

Hi, I’m after a Cardiff City FC vintage sign, I see that you don’t do them but I was wondering if you knew where I could get one from?

Hi we don't have this one at the moment but could do commission bespoke football sign for you here

Regards Smithers

What is the weight of the skeleton wall clocks ?

HI they are 3 kg not heavy

regards Smithers 

Hey! Is there anyway of customising the love heart sweet wall art?

Hi Sorry this item is made up already, we don't make these to order as they are from India 

regards Smithers

For the leather/hide bucket chair can you advise the height from floor to top of armrest as I wish to check it will fit under my table. Thanks.

Hi Arm Height 66 cm Kind Regards Smithers

Please can you advise the wood type used in your Tan Leather Lazy Chair please. Also if you hold these in stock or are built to order. Many thanks.

Hi Linda, They are made from Mango Wood. We keep stock of these, deliveries will be 1 week

Kind Regards Smithers Team

Hi, just checking the measurement of this item ( The description says the size is 56cm x 56 cm, but the dimensions listed below state 100 cm x 100 cm. Which is correct? Thanks! . . .

Hi Just checked its 100 x 100 

regards Smithers

Good afternoon, I would like to know how smooth is the drawer's interior. I would like to store delicate items like nylon tights and lace underwear. Is the inside smooth such that the materials are not pulled? I also want to know how smoothly the dr . . .

Hi Gabriela, The wood is very smooth in the drawers nothing will catch not even silky items. The drawers open very smoothly as well. This is a high end made chest of drawers. Hope this helps regards Smithers 

Hi The oil drum side tables, do you have any of the advertising ones left and do you have a picture of the Marylin Monroe one please With thanks

hi please send email to we can send images to you whats in stock regards Smithers

How do I keep my furniture looking like new?

You can find all the details in our Care Instructions. Simply choose the type of furniture you have and the material it is made from e.g. wood and look on this page

Hi, What is the depth of the medium and large Reclaimed Wood Storage Box? Many thanks, Rachel

Hi Rachel the depth of the medium is 18 cm and large is 32 cm

Hello, what are the bulb types and electricity spec for the PL-01 piped wall light with pressure gauge effect. Thanks

hi we dont stock this item any longer sorry 

does then new york coffee trunk come as 1 or 4 pieces? thanks

Hi the storage trunk is one piece 

Can you give me a price and turnaround time for the Levi sofa please

Hi the levi 501 sofa is now sold out, sorry about that Kind regards Smithers 

Can you tell me if a colour choice is available?

Hi I will check stock next time we go to the shop, this will be tomorrow. Do you want us to email over photo if we have stock left ? regards Smithers 

Hola me gustan mucho sus sillas industriales, aunque quisiera verlas y probarlas . Soy de la provincia de Lérida donde podria verlas lo más cerca de mi provincia????
Hola No tenemos sillas industriales en España, pero lo que podemos hacer es enviarte una de ellas para que la pruebes. Si no le gusta, puede enviarnos de vuelta, no hay problema.
Cuantas necesitas

Hi We don't have industrial chairs in Spain, but what we could do is send you one of them to try. if you don't like it you could send back to us, not a problem. how  many you need

aviator chair - do you have bar stools to match or something similar? also do you have other colours apart from brown?

Is product OW-BS127 (Iron Bar Stool) weather proof and suitable for outdoor use? thanks

Hi Tim these Bra stools can be used outdoors. 

Kind regards Smithers Team

Hi what material are cacoon tent chairs made from

Hi the cacoon single and double tents are made from below 

  • Cotton, Polyester
  • Finish: PU coating, UV coated

Please can you send a picture of the aviator swivel chair that you have in stock which has been reduced to £250 I’m confused which colour way it is. Thank you

Hi they are brown leather or grey, we only have photos that are listed on the website store at present. 2 optional seat colours are listed

kind regards Smithers team

Just checking in as made an enquiry about 8mths ago. Have you got any info on the comic book bedside cabinet.

Hi we don't have these in stock any more sorry about that. 

I don't think we will be getting any more

regards Smithers

Are you likely to get another Hulk smash pinball coffee table in stock soon.

Hi these are made to order now. The price of them is £14,000

Let us know if you need more information

Regards Smithers 

air raid shelter sign- I have an air raid shelter. But its to the left not right. Do you make it with an arrow pointing right to left ?

Hi sorry the air raid shelter metal signs are made up we cant make custom signs for this item

regards Smithers Team

Hi dear, I’m looking for a L-shape sofa in denim do you have anything like that? If yes please can you send me few images and details? Thanks Regards, Cinzia

Hi we don't have this sofa left in stock sorry and don't have L shaped sofas at the moment

regards Smithers Team 

Hi Re. Mohawk Sideboard cabinet Could you please let me know the height between the top and lower sections? I'm considering how much room there is inside and how I could use each section. Also, what is the delivery time please? Many thanks

Hi the top drawers are approx W 50 CM X H22 CM EACH THE BOTTOM IS ONE LARGE DRAWER APPROX L 100 X H30.

please note this is approx

shipping is 7-10 days with this item.

regards Smithers

Hi, I am looking for a Mathew Street (Liverpool) road sign. Do you have it? Thank you

we don't have this as standard, but it could be bespoke made to order road sign for £85.00 Buy here

Kind regards Smithers

How much do the football street signs weigh?

The football road signs weight is around 1.5 - 3  kg depending on the football sign as all are different sizes 

Regards Smithers

Hi! I was wondering if the rattan pendant light ever goes on sale? Thank you! Leanne

Hi they don't go in the sale, you can use our special off to get 10% off its #KEEPGOING 

REGARDS Smithers Team

What is the height of the seat? (I assume the height from floor to the top of the chair back is 89 cm)

Hi yes back is 80 cm the seat height is 47 cm Hope this helps Smithers Team

Fake Fig leaf tree. Hello there, please may you confirm the dimensions of this product. £93 seems a lot for a 15cm plant!

Hi the full height is 125 cm Kind Regards Smithers Team

Boat coffee table. Are measurements to end of boat or to end of rudder? Can you give me measurements in inches please.

This Boat Coffee Table is old Stock, we don't sell for many years now 

Copper bathroom accessories: Could you please give me the measurements of the soap dispenser & the soap dish? Many tganks

Sure the copper soap dish is W14 x L11 x H3cm

Hi, I'm just enquiring about the T-Rex skull. It says it's also available in an extra large size but I can only see the medium and large options. For reference, how large is the large option? I'm really interested, just trying to get some idea of sc . . .

Hi Stephen we only have large and medium of the hanging t rex skeleton skulls the sizes of these wall-mounted heads are as follows 

Height M 26 cm | L 37 cm
Width M 21 cm | L 30 cm
Depth 36 cm | L 52 cm

Can you let me know when you have Foxy Lady sign back in stock ? Thx

No date yet, please sign up to the product notifications when next back in stock, you can do this once you click on item

Hi Would it be possible for you to do me the train station Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantyslliogogogorch The longest train station name even if it came in 3 prices Kind regards Phil

Sorry we cant customised this item 

How much are these bookends please?

old stock sorry 

the up cycled bike lamp is 1oocm tall - does it have an adjustable component that enables the light to be raised at all? the photo seems to suggest a retractable upper pole - could you clarify please? thanks

Its 100 cm hight. The head light can move up and down hope this helps 

I am looking at the wing desk how much are the chairs as well

Hi, the aviator leather seats are £740 Link here

Do u supply to retail?

Table clamp lamp - does it come with Edison bulb? N I don’t see the electrical Chord ... do u have any Other pics ?

Yes it has a 2-meter cable, it does not come with a bulb, we don't have more images sorry, it's now in the sale as we don't have any more being made.

Hi there My girlfriend and I have have just recently bought a new house and have been looking for the perfect breakfast / table and chairs. We saw a picture online of a product you are selling and my girlfriend fell in love with it as it would go pe . . .

Hi sorry we do not discount our furniture or take offers regards Smithers Team

Interested in the Union Jack chair or chaise live in new jsersy USA shipping cost please thanks

Hi shipping to America US all states would be approx £1200 shipped in wooden crate regards Smithers

Do you make stools in Newcastle United football club

we don't sorry stools with football clubs sorry 

do u still do the green velvet in the chaise bar stools i need 2.

We don't have green its sold-out sorry, new stock won't be until 2021 

is the hight 106-126cm yhe seat hight or the back of the chair.

that is the back on the chair height

Is the diesel x Seletti salt and pepper rocket grinder set or either one available? Thanks

Old stock sorry this rocket grinder from Seletti was discontinued in 2018

can you actually peddle on this stool or are peddles just for show?

The bicycle chain does not turn, but the pedals do spin around

Good afternoon, would it be possible to get the Spitfire table also in an aluminium design?

Hi, we have it in bronze or copper only

Re the Mustang Additions Swivel Office chair, 2 questions: - Can the castors be used on ceramic floors - what are they made of? - there are different colours in your pictures. Is the darker brown hide with the black legs available?

The Mustang Office Leather Chairs - We have the Brown Leather & bronze frame in stock, also the new grey leather version. The chair castors will work on ceramic floors.

Hi, can you please advise what price the Flash Gordon Aluminium spaceship sold for? I realise you do not have in stock at present but will you be getting more in ? Thank you, Regards Glen

Hi Glen, this is a old stock item we do not stock them any longer

Does the or can the aviator airplane wing desk be delivered in two parts? My doorway is very narrow (68cm) thanks Josephine

its one-piece item, we have other desks that come in 2 parts its called the spitfire desk

Hi, is there a possibility to alter a product slightly? I wanted to see if the open sign bracket can go another way? Could you please let me know if this is possible?

Hi, Not possibly 

how much is this?

this item is sold 

Can you do two sided love hearts but with no messages on

these are made item already and cant be changed

Do the pedals on the bicycle stool work or are they just a design feature?

the chain and pedals are fixed and do not move around

I am interested in your rattan armchairs (4 pcs) with matching bar stools 5 pcs if available). Can you please advise these are suitable for contract use (hotel)?

Hi Hubert, yes this line is suitable for contract use, they are strong rattan designs with tough metal works. Kind regards 

Smithers Team 

Hi there. We are interested in the paint drip boxer dog ornament; the descriptions mentions two sizes, what options are available for this please? Thankyou, Marcus

HI Marcus, size of this is 90-cm h, depth 35 cm length 110cm, we can get smaller boxer ornaments in 48 cm h. depth 15 cm L 50 cm price of this is £219 he's in white of colours. you can order by calling the shop on 01780 435060

Hi I absolutely love the woven leather headboard and can’t find any in the U.K. Is this something you will bring back or know anywhere I can purchase? Thanks

We only have white left in stock, 

Is it possible to purchase a new replacement cushion on its own?

we don't supply this item any longer sorry

Hi, Is the medium sized buffalo head mount available? I can't see an 'add to basket' option. Thanks.

these are old stock sorry 

Hi, are you likely to get the velvet dining chairs Reference: BB-VDC9 in any more colours? Many thanks Lisa

Hi, we don't have these in more colours. if you can email us we may be able to find you something

I am looking for Salisbury Avenue

Hi, We don't have this if it's not on the list sorry, you can have a custom sign made here

Hello, how much including shipping is the bike stool with the back support? Thanks

Hi, Uk shipping is free. if abroad please email for a quote.

Hi, please can you let me know when the chair BB-BC139 would be able to be delivered. Many thanks

Hi Liane, if you order today we can ship Monday for delivery on Tuesday. 

Regards Smithers Team

Re Ambassador Car Bar - are these in stock or is there a lead time once you place an order? Could I order and delay delivery as I'm due to move house in Nov and would prefer to get it delivered once moved?

Hi, The Car Bar at the moment we have one arriving in 6-8 weeks so that could work out perfectly for you. If it comes before then we can store it until you're ready to take delivery. 

Kind regards Smithers Team.

Is the bar the same colour as that shown?

The Bar Car is the same  red as shown in the photos

Is it safe to sit on the canvas square footstool?

yes it is safe to sit on

Hi there would love to buy one of these chairs . I need to replace one that snapped at home. Do you have any in blue or yellow? I already have green and lime.

Hi ,we may have some at the shop, please call the store on 01780 435060

Reference: 0000915 White Gloss Office Desk: Q: Can you make a custom size? 240cm wide

we don't sorry, these are pre-made in large quantity 

Hi...youve got a shade upcycles metal its £93.00. Ive seen larger ones in a shop in Whitby...not for sale as shop you have /can you get a larger one..approx 18-20 inch. Thanks

we only have one size sorry.....

Hello I’m interested in the Rewind acrylic box. What is the best price you can offer it to me and if it is acceptable, I will buy it straight away. Is it your last one? I may be interested in two ..

Hi, we have 2 Neon Cassette Tapes left in stock now until December new stock will be arriving,  if you want a discount you can sign up for our newsletter and get 5% off your first order, This is located at the bottom of our website pages it says NEWSLETTER

Regards Smithers Team

Youhave a recycled prndant shadr for sale at £93. Do you have/could you source it in a larger size. Thanks

We don't have this is larger size sorry 

Smithers Team 

Hi Does the Hallam Brown leather office chair come with soft castors for hardwood floors? Does it have an armrest option? Is the base removable?

Hi, The Hallam Chair does have soft casters for all floors. No Armrest. The Base Can Be removed. 

Kin Regards Smithers Team

Hi, This is my 2nd email to you. If I don't get a response this time when I'm trying to give you my money I will not try a 3rd time. R.e Vespa bar (red scooter) Your website states the depth is 44cm. This cannot be right. I need the depth from the b . . .

Hi Chris, sorry I have looked at our admin and we don't have any more emails from you, this is the first one we have seen. The depth is 98 cm from back to front. The cabinet where bottles stored is Approx H 60 x 40 cm. Not all of the Vespa bars are the same so may vary in size a little.

Smithers Team how much is shipping to wallingford CT 06492 and what are the dimensions in inches? Do you accept returns from the USA?

This would be expensive to ship to USA as prices are high for large items. please email for a quote 

Hi, do you still sell this item ( If so, would it be possible to ship it to Sweden?

Hi Sorry this is an old trunk that we do not stock any longer

What material are they made out of and also how much do they weigh?

Hi, they are made of resin mould. Weight is around 8 kg

Will you be getting the tractor BBQ back in again, please? Gayle

Hi Gayle, yes we will but not until next year now. Please add your email to the listing when it's next back in stock

Hi, do you cut wooden table tops to size? Thanks for your help

Only sizes we have are what we have on the listing, regards Smithers

Is the marble wall shelf bracket black or silver? I want the white marble shelf.

its dark silver bracket. Regards Smithers 

Which specific footstool is available to purchase?

Hi, Number ones only at the moment

Hello Do you offer customised lettering for your lovely signs?

Hi, Only what comes with this sign, it has the full alphabet plus more so you can change the letters. They are black or red letters

Regards Smithers

I was looking to place an order for 5 wooden road signs. Do you do a Wimbledon FC one?

sorry, we don't have this made up, you can get a custom one made here though. -

Kind Regards Smithers Team

Does this chess table come with the pictured stools?

This chess table does not come with the stools

I purchased a "Portman Road" sign from you a couple of years ago for my other half, my dad saw it and LOVED it, but I cant see his team as something you do. Its Peterborough United, so would be "London Road" Is this something you could make please? . . .

Hi Amy, we don't have Peterborough United or London road, but we have made them as a custom order before. I think we are going to be doing some soon as Peterborough UTD ones first to see how they go. 

We have added this on the road signs now for you but they are a little more as they are made specially made. if you check the link Peterborough now on it.

Couldn't see on the description the size of the individual signs. it says what size large and small are but no indication as what each individual is ( Large or small) I was looking at the popcorn sign

Hi The Size of the Popcorn Fairground sign is 20 x 80 cm

Hi, Skull Table Lamp - do you have more photos of this item? From the side etc. Also how long is the plug cable?

We don't have any more photos, from side it's very thin, like a piece of glass so not much to see really, the cable is 2 meters long.

kind regards Smithers

Is the victory hand, solid brass or hollow

Hi, Gail, The Brass Hands are made from solid brass, quite heavy. 

Just wondering if you could let me know what each compartment size is for the apothecary 15 door locker. Many thanks

Hi Scott, just getting info for you from the warehouse, give me 24 hours. 

The locker compartments are 30x30 cm some differ slightly due to the nature of the wood.

Regards Smithers

Good afternoon! I am interested in your metallic gold vintage phone. I left a message this morning. I am in Los Angeles. Please advise. I would love to get this for my daughter going off to college. Best, Kelly Thompson

Ho Sorry this is an old stock photo of the gold telephone, kind regards Smithers Team

Hi! Where might i find a specification sheet for this product?

Hi, Abigail 

What information are you after?, please email 

Love heart sweet decorations.. do you have any with just the word Love on

Hi we have I Love you only 

Can you supply replacement bulbs for the Adam and Eve lamps. Thank you.

we can, please call the shop as we don't have them on our website they are £25.00 each

Tel 01780 435060

Hi, I am enquirying about your zinc shelf. How thick is the item?

Hi Its 2 cm 

Do you have any more images of the rustic mango wood desk? Many thanks

sorry we don't at the moment 

best wishes Smithers

Ref: Bistro Folding Reclaim Stools Hi, Please could you tell me the dimensions of the stools once their folded please. Thank you! Sharon

Hi if you look at photos the fold in depth so basically the same height but they close to like 15 cm in depth

hope this helps  regards Smithers

Is the sheepskin on the sheepskin footstool removable for washing?

Hi, it's not a removable sheepskin seat for this footstool.

Regards Smithers

Hello Are your boat coffee tables available I have been searching for one for a very long time now without much luck! Would be a very happy man to fine one??? Many thanks Iain

sorry this is old stock item

Hi, We love the look of your circular table tops. Would you be able to produce a 170cm circular top for us? Regards James

Sorry we only have sizes that's on the listing on the drop-down box when ordering

Best Wishes Smithers

hey folks! how did you get your chain links to stop moving so you can use them as hooks? so curious! thanks! david

Hi David The chain links on the coat hanger are all welded together, hope this helps


I would like a Freak Show sign, but I can't see where you select size? I need the larger size. How do I select this?

We only have one size of the freak show, its 80 cm in length approx

regards smithers

What ages is this jet pack for?

I would say its Max 8 years 

Hello, Will product CADB-02 ever come back into stock? Thanks!

Hi, We are not sure yet, But please add your email on the item notification, then we can email you when back in stock.

Do you have a desk to match the bedside trunk cabinets?

Hi we don't sorry, we have some aviator desks but they are not the same material

denim chesterfield made again soon ?

Sorry this is old stock, we wont be getting any more

I am looking at purchasing the tripod stand for cocoon chair. Is it possible to have one that fits into 2.25m tall ceiling?! It says yours is 2.5 but looks like it hangs quite a bit off the ground. Could you do one that’s a little shorter?!

Hi sorry, we can't make them smaller

Regards Smithers 

Hi, I am interested in the leather dining chair. I have a couple of questions: What is the height of the seat and what is the height of the arms? Thank you!

hi sorry we don't have this information at the moment as this chair is out of stock, it should be back in stock in march time. Regards Smithers

Are these genuine signs or reproduction? Thanks

They are reproduction

regards Smithers

What colour is the love filament


What is the maximum seat height of the Hallam brown leather office chair?

its 46 cm - 56 cm 

Kind Regards Smithers Team

Do you have the aviators dining chair in black, can’t see that you can specify colour of leather? Thanks, amanda

hi yes we do have black see link here

regards Smithers Team

Hi, I’m looking to get a custom Giant Love Hears Sweet prop with the words: BOSS LADY Can this be done

Sorry, we don't make these custom 

Regards Smithers Team

Hi Nick, I purchased a few pieces of aviation furniture from you last year. We’re looking at the Aviation Cabinet (SIT-AV-125), and, as it is made to order, would like to ask if it is possible to get it made 10cm less wide (70cm instead of 80cm) t . . .

Hi Simon, we can't make them smaller sorry, if you look in the aviator range you might find something else see here

Regards Smithers Team

Hi please can you tell me the dimensions for the small grey tin star? As when I click on the info for both the medium and the large stars it gives the same dimensions for both. Thanks.

sorry we don't have small in stock any longer

Hi, Does this chair require any assembly, or will it be delivered as it shows in the image? Thanks.

Hi, it does not need assembly 



Regarding the WarOffice sign, are they suitable for outdoors? Thank you.

Hi it would be ok but we need to hand paint it with clear lacquer


Hi I am interested in the Reclaimed Wood Bar Table. Is this suitable for outdoor use? Assuming it would be covered in bad weather. How is it fixed to the ground? This picture doesn't show any fixing method. Best regards Tom

Hi Yes, it is perfect for outside, keep it waxed and cover the top in winter. The bottom plate has to be drilled to the floor. We don't supply fixings, these can be bought at any hardware store.

Regards Smithers

What is the seat height of the droogey chair?

Hi,  46 cm 

Regards Smithers

Can you tell me the size of the Enjoy the ride clown sign please

The Enjoy The Ride Sign is 40cm in height, 30cm in length, and 1.5cm in depth. 

Hamilton-Brown Leather Office Chair BB-BC136 Please can you advise if this chair has an adjustable seat height / gas lift? Thanks very much

the Hamilton office chair is swivel base and not adjustable

Loft Industrial Bar Stool at the price of £112, is this for 1 chair or 2 - as pictured? Please can you also confirm the dimensions of the chairs. Kind regards Rebecca

THE listing is for x 1 stool

Best Wishes Smithers

Can the Jerry can shelves be removed. Some of my bottles of drink are high !

The shelves are fixed but we can make bespoke cabinets on request. Please email 

How much would the aluminum bull head be shipped to Arizona USA?

Hi sorry this is old stock item, Regards Smithers Team

Hi Would you be able to tell me when the tan woven leather bench will be back in stock? Is it possible to pre-order? Thanks, Rochelle

Unfortunately this item has now sold out and been discontinued. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Good afternoon. I was just enquiring about the painted metal circus chairs. Is the price for a pair one a single chair? Also what is the measurement of one when it’s folded please, the widest measurement when folded for storage. Thank you.

The price is for one Circus Chair. The width measurement when folded is approximately 20 cm when folded. Hope that helps!

I was wondering if this swinging chair comes with fittings to go in to ceilings ?? Or if it didn’t what would I need to get to make it safe to do this ??

Hi Hayley - thank you for your enquiry. The Bebo Cacoons don't come with any attachments other than the sewn in loop at the top of the swing. However we do have Cacoon Eye Bolts available to order for £8 which are suitable to hang the Cacoons from the ceiling with, as long as they are fixed to a joist. Please find the link below. Thanks, Smithers


Hello, could you please tell me how big the Dodgems sign is?

The Dodgem Sign measurements are H 15cm, L 60cm, D 1.8cm. Hope that helps!

Hi does this Airplane wing desk come in solid one part? just worried about getting it in my office. thanks Jez

The Aviator Wing Office Desk comes in three parts - two boxes containing the legs and one long box containing the desktop so access shouldn't be a problem in most spaces. Hope that helps!

The Bicycle Table what is the Warranty and suitability for office space?

Hi, it's perfect for offices, we have sent these out to quite a few commercial places. The warranty is 12 months.

Kind Regards Smithers Team

Hi Do you have any bookends or sculpture pieces similar to these great bookends? I love the design

Hi,  we have the bronze sculptures, if you click on the link you can buy the Book-ends in bronze 

kind Regards Smithers Team

Hello, how much does the chair weigh please?

Hi Gary,

The Single Globe Chair weighs just under 20kgs (19.95kg) and can hold up to 200kgs in weight. However, these chairs are currently unavailable (25/02/21), but may be available to buy in the Spring 2021. We will update the website accordingly should this be the case. Thanks for your enquiry. 


Silver Lobby Phone Do you have this available please? Thank you

Hi Mark. Sorry but the Silver Lobby Phone is no longer available. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. Thanks, Smithers. 

Reference: CLT - MC1 Can you please tell me the height of the part of the seat you actually sit on. Thanks

Hi Catherine - thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Black Leather Dining Chairs are no longer available to order. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Can this be hung on the wall?

Yes the On Air Neon can be hung on the wall. There are no holes as such for hanging on a nail, but there is an overhang of the acrylic casing on the back of the neon which will easily hang off a small baton attached to the wall. Thanks for your enquiry, Smithers. 

Hi, I am interested in your Teddy Boy Rocking Chair. Are the covers removable and washable?

Hi Ann - Thank you for your enquiry. The Teddy Boy Rocking Chair's cover are not removable I'm afraid. Hope this helps!

Thanks, Smithers

How long is the cable on the Rewind neon sign ?

Hi Alyson - thank you for your enquiry. The cable is approximately 175cm from where it plugs in to the back of the neon to the base of the plug. Hope that helps!

Thanks, Smithers. 

I already have 12 of the Aviator Tornado leather chairs, but it seems that almost all of the little black plastic pads on the bottom of the chairs are either lost or cracked. Could I buy only these plastic pads (front and back) for 12 chairs? Thanks . . .

Hi Boris - thank you for your enquiry. I'm afraid we cannot supply a large amount of the black pads for these chairs. We only have a very small excess amount of these kept in stock for customers. Sorry we cannot be of more help with this matter. Thanks, Smithers. 

is the dodgems sign 80cm long ?

Hi Andy - thanks for your enquiry. The Dodgems Sign measurements are as follows:

Length - 60cm, Height - 15cm, Depth -  1.8cm. Hope that helps!

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hi I am just enquiring what the signs are made out of and I was thi king about having a few outside in our patio bar area.

Hi Andria - thank you for your enquiry. The Football Street Signs are made out of MDF. The signs are designed for indoor use only, and would have be treated with a weatherproof coating if you wanted to use them outside. 

Hope this helps! 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Neon Lips : Is it possible you could send me dimensions ? Thanx

Hi Ian - thank you for your enquiry. The Neon Mouth Dimensions are as follows:

Length - 48cm, Height - 40cm, Depth - 2cm. Hope this helps!

Thanks, Smithers. 

What weight are your folding natural rope chairs

Hi Angelica - thank you for your enquiry. The Rope Chairs are approximately 12kgs each. Hope this helps!

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hi, I would like to ask if the retro floor lamp (in orange colour) is still available and if not if more stock is coming soon? Thanks, Pawel

Hi Pawel - thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Retro Floor Lamp has now sold out and been discontinued. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

I see that the light grey accent chair # CH-GAC-19 is sold out. i tried to put it on my "wish list" but it didn't work. Do you expect to have more available at some time/ Can you alert me>? Thank you!

Hi Craig, The Grey Accent Chair just came back in stock today. you can now order it. Please check the listing now.

Kind Regards Smithers Team

Hi as this is only available in white and used how bad is the marking on it? Is it still white ?

Hi we only have white left, its been used for 6 months in our store 'outside' please email for photos. We have the a brand new ones here

Regards Smithers

Hello, will you be getting any more of the cube oil drum side tables? I would like to order a few, but don’t really want the Kray twins . Could you send a photo of the Marilyn one? Thanks very much, Best wishes, Antonia

Hi, we have a lot more in stock, can you please email to ask what we got in stock, thanks Smithers

Hi, I love your school science stools and they would look great at my new garden bar area, however, I wanted to ask if they will rust outside please? Many thanks Charlotte

Hi Charlotte, these science lab bar stools are made for outdoors, they won't rust, but would need to be treated with clear wax twice a year to keep them in tip-top condition.

Regards Smithers Team

Re: Bubble with stand Hi, We are interior design company from HK. Would you please advise if the cushion upholstery can be in red colour? Pls also advise the cost and delivery schedule to Hong Kong? Regards, Hilda

Hi Hilda, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid the Bubble Chair has now sold out. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers 

Can't you restock it? I really want to buy it.

Hi Annie, 

Thank you for your enquiry. I'm sorry but the Skateboard Mirror has sold out and been discontinued. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

do the anti-warping bars need to stay in place once a table top is delivered or is this just for transport?

Hi Yvonne, 

Can you elaborate on your enquiry please? Send an email to and we will get back to you asap. 

Kind regards, Smithers. 

Hi there - wondered if you can cover the lazy-boy chairs in other fabrics than the 2 featured in your website to order? if so, what is the cost? Thanx Ash

Hi Ash, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. The Lazy Chair is only available in the two featured fabrics I'm afraid. Apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wisest, Smithers. 

Silver Lobby Phone is it in stock

Hi Catherine - many thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid we have sold out of the Silver Lobby Phone, which is now discontinued. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hi. Can you tell me the dimensions of the shelf area in the Dakota Industrial Bookcase, please? Thank a lot. Rick

Hi Rick - thank you for your enquiry. The shelves are approximately 57cm wide and 39cm deep. Hope that helps. 

Best wishes, Smithers 

Do you have any copper table base's already made and ready to deliver suitable for a 120x70cm table top thanks

Hi Amy - thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid we don't have any of the Copper Table Legs in stock as they are a made to order item and carry a lead time of 10 weeks. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. Best wishes, Smithers. 

You stacking industrial metal and wood chairs. what is the height of seat to floor? Many thanks as looking for two.

Hi Derry - sincere apologies for the slow reply. The seat height of the Metal Stacking Chairs is 42cm. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01780435060 or email at Thanks again. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Does the Cuba Bar Stall come full assembled Thanks Andy

Hi Andy - sincere apologies for the slow reply. I can confirm the Cuba Stools do require a small amount of assembly and that the instructions are very simple and easy to follow. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01780435060 or email Thanks again. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hello, can you make larger reclaimed teak table. Say 6ft-7ft? br Shaun

Hi Shaun - sincere apologies for the slow reply. Thank you for your message. I can confirm the Large Size of the Fridge Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is just shy of 6ft. This is the biggest size we are able to offer in this collection I'm afraid. We do have the facility to create bespoke tables - if this is something you would like us to quote for, please contact us on 01780435060 or email Thanks again. 

Best wishes, Smithers.

Hello, I would like to know when you might be getting the medium sized Coat Of Arms Wall Plaque back in stock please. As an ex RSM in the Army this will be perfect in my hall. Very many thanks. Ray Bray

Hi Ray - sincere apologies for the slow reply. Many thanks thanks for your message. I can confirm the Coat of Arms Wall Plaques will be back in stock with us during May 2021. As soon as they are available again, we will update the website accordingly. If you enter your email into the notifications box on the product listing, you will be notified when they are available to order. 

If you require any further information, please contact us on 01780435060 or email Thanks again. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

The Saba New York Suite on your IG page is shown in three colours. White. Gold. Green. What is the name of the green colour please and can you tell me more about the fabric.

Hi Daria, 

Many thanks for your message and sincere apologies for the slow reply. The green of the Saba New York Collection is called Retro Green. The fabric is a cotton/silk velvet and is incredibly luxurious. All the Saba products are made to order and carry a lead time of 8-10 weeks.

If you require any further information, please contact us on 01780435060 or email us on Thanks agains. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hi, please can you tell me if the single Globe chair is available to buy?

Hi Ros,

Many thanks for your message and sincere apologies for the delay in responding. The Globe Chairs are not available to buy at present but we are hoping they will be back in stock soon. As soon as they are available to order, we will update the website accordingly. Thanks again. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

We are interesting in the large black rattan pendants, but can’t tell if these can be hardwired? We also need to check and see if there are any problems or extra costs on shipping these to Portland, Oregon USA.

Hi Cheryl, 

Many thanks for your enquiry and apologies for the slow reply. I can confirm the Rattan Pendants are designed solely to be hardwired into your mains electrical system. We can look into shipping this product to the USA for you but we will need to source a personal quote as these lights may nee to be crated to ensure they arrive safely. 

If this is something you would like us to look into for you, please contact us via email with your full name, delivery address and quantities of the products you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind regards, Smithers. 

Morning, can you tell me if you have the Goats Hide Chair in stock please? Thanks

Hi Warren,

Many thanks for your message. The Goats Hide Chair is available to order and carries a lead time of 4-6 weeks. If you require any further information please do no hesitate to contact us on 01780435060 or email Thanks again. 

Kind regards, Smithers 

Hi can a round table be used to put on top of these legs please ? Also what’s the delivery? Thanks

Hi Della, 

Many thanks for your message. The Copper Table Legs are mainly designed to work with a rectangular table top however the Branch Legs may work with a circular top, depending on the size of the table top of course. The lead time for any of the Copper Legs is 10 weeks as this product is made to order. 

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01780435060 or email Thanks again.

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hiya, does the outdoor concrete/copper shower attach to the garden hose?

Hi Mariska,

Thank you for your question. Yes a garden hose attaches to the base of Outdoor Shower, as shown in the picture. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best wishes, 


What colour is the flamingo filament?

Hi Wendy - thank you for your enquiry. The Flamingo bulb Filament is pink - hope that helps! If you require any further assistance please contact us via email on 

Thanks again, Smithers. 

does the copper wall shelf come with fittings?

Hi India - thanks for your enquiry. The Copper Wall Shelves come with two brackets and small screws to attach the bracket to the shelf but no wall fixings. We hope that helps!

Best wishes, Smithers. 

I would like to see photos of the interior of the cabinet with the door open and also inside the drawers. I would also like the measurements of the storage compartments.

Hi sorry this is an old aviator furniture range we don't sell any longer

take a look here we have similar styles of furniture

Regards Smithers

I am interested in buying a shelf for my sitting room with the following dimensions:- 95"x6". Can you assist

Hi Norwell. Many thanks for your enquiry. The Marble Wall Shelf is only available in the 80cm length as listed - apologies for any disappointment caused. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Thanks again, Smithers . 

Hi are these blue rabbit chairs the very same I've just seen on a clip footage on ITV2 LOVE ISLAND in Majorca? thanks for your help

Hi David, Yes we can confirm these are the very same blue rabbits that are on Love Island Tv Show. 

Thank you for your valued inquiry

Regards Smithers Team

how how many of these bowler hats do you have as i need 30 for my cafes. also i do like it that they are metal as i have been told the felt ones can catch fire

Hi Adam, thanks for getting in touch with us, you're in luck we have a few as they are new in, so we can supply you 30 of the bowler hat lights. The material is made from steel so they won't catch fire, also they are pat tested before we sell them in the uk.

Can you do tan leather dining chair with black legs?

Hi Cheryl, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately this particular chair is only available with the wooden leg finish - it is a beautiful chair though and the leather is superb. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. We do have a lot of other options available in our Chair Department.

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hi, I was wondering whether the nostalgic chest of drawers (see the below link) will be coming back in stock any time soon: Thanks, Louise

Hi Louise, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid the Nostalgic Wide Chest of Drawers has now been discontinued. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. We have lots of other options available in our Chest of Drawers collection - if you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Best wishes, Smithers. 

‘Personalised road signs’ query, hey, i was wondering what the dimensions were of each of the personalised road signs options were and if we were to buy 6 for our store if there could be a bulk order discount opportunity! Thanks, Ona

Hi Ona, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. The size depends entirely on what wording you are wanting (maximum 22 characters) but the average size is as follows:

Length 120cm

Height 15cm

Depth 2.5cm

We cannot offer a trade discount for an order of this size, but if you sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the Home Page, an introductory discount code will be emailed to you. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hi, is your outdoor sofa stackable?

Hi Joe, we can confirm the black outdoor box sofa is stackable 100%. Kind regards Nick Smith

Hi are these rabbits the very same ones that are on love island tv show on itv ? We want to buy the exact same rabbits for our swimming pool. Thank you very much

Hi, the Rabbit Chairs are the very same ones featured from LOVE ISLAND. Smithers is the official dealer of the show, if you need any more help please call the shop 10780 4350060. regards Smithers Team

Hello, I'm would like some information regarding your product 0000974 restaurant dining table screen What are the available size? if I ordering and pay it for 1 of those what is your estimate delivery time considering that i'm based in manchester? K . . .

Hi Andrea, for this item your looking at 7 days production. shipping will be 7-10 days. Hope this helps 

Regards Smithers Team

Re Vintage leather desk. Are you able to give any discount please

Hi if you sign up to the news letter, you can get 5% discount on your first order. Code is News2021

Regards Smithers team 

I am interested in the storage trunk coffee table. Can it be made smaller? Thank you

Hi Kellie, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. This product is a standard size and cannot be made smaller unfortunately. However, I can confirm that we have this product in stock and ready to ship should you wish to go ahead with a purchase. The Menier Chocolate Factory pieces are a beautiful collection. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via

Best wishes, Smithers. 

I want to buy a levis Jean couch. I’m a serious buyer. I’ve seen they’re out of stock but is a restock possible? EAN number 8438606299610

Hi George, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Jean Sofa is no longer available and has now been discontinued. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We may have something similar available though so I will send you an email. 

Thanks, Smithers. 

Hi there. I suppose you get this all the time but you are the first person I could think of to make a bespoke light from stuff you are given. I have a collection of stainless steel item - first aid cabinet body, serving dishes, cups, etc. (can send . . .

Hi Miriam, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid we do not but products from the general public for up-cycling but thank you for thinking of us. Good luck with your items!

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hello, Is it possible to get a sample of the copper finish? Thanks, Britt

Hello Britt, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid we cannot provide a sample of the copper finish. This product is manufactured in our European warehouse and is only available as a whole piece. Apologies for any disappointment caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us via if you require any further assistance. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Do you sell replacement cushions?

Hi Sarah, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately we do not sell replacement cushions. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

The wall love hearts. Do they come in different sizes

Hi Charmaine, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Love Heart Signs only come in one size. They have also now been discontinued so we have only have the availability of what is listed on the website. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Is it possible to get the Aviator Falcon Chair with a black seat cushion? Also, what would the DHL shipping charges be for Canada? Thanks, Glen

Hi Glen, 

Many thanks for your enquiry - we will email you shortly. 

Best wishes, Smithers

Adjustable height dining table Could you please advise the cost of shipping to Australia

Hi Sue, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid we are unable to ship such a large/heavy item to Australia and ensure it would arrive in one piece. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hey, I am interested in the sitting down black bulldog but this option is not listed online. Is it still available? Thanks, Ellie

Hi Ellie, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. I will email you with details shortly. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

I have a iron shoe last which belonged to my grandfather could you make this into a lamp as I noticed in your workshop on tv programm

Hello Joy, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately this is not something we would be able to assist with at present. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and best of luck with your product. 

Thanks, Smithers.  

Photos suggest 2 different benches but there’s only one reference number- please clarify

Hi Steve, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. There is only one colour option available for the Reclaimed Wood Bench. As the name indicates the wood is reclaimed, therefore all finishes will vary somewhat. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via

Thanks, Smithers. 

Hi all, re the oil drum stools- can you send me photos of current stock please?

Hi David, 

Many thanks for your enquiry. We will forward some images of the Drum Stools across to your email shortly. 

Thanks, Smithers. 

Where can I see the dimensions of your furniture?

You can find the dimensions for any of our furniture and gifts listed at the bottom of all product pages. 

Do you know when you will get the copper bar stools back in stock?

They are back in stock now 

Would you please email me when the driftwood seahorse is available? I was unable to buy it because it is out of stock. Thank you!

the seahorse driftwood is now in stock

Hello team - we're looking at your 'Leather Pommel Horse Bar Stool'- looks great! We just need to check please whether the 45cm width given is the width of the seat itself, or the width of the footprint, from outside of of one foot to outside of the . . .

Hi Andy and Sue, size is 6cm wide end to end 50 cm, any questions please call the store on 01780 435060

Will the skateboard mirror be in stock again!!

sorry we don't sell this any longer 

Hi guys, could you please tell me the weight of the medium and large mirrors? Thanks!

hi 4 kg 

Apologies, my previous request wasn't clear. I am looking for a price to ship the aviation airplane bar to Livorno, Italy. Or possibly even to Denver, Colorado (USA) at zip code 80130. If I could get a price for both locations, I can decide when to . . .

Hi Tim, the plane bar is very big and will need wooden crate making to ship it. I can get a quote to ship but would need full addresses. 

Do you have the green apple in stock Thank you

We don't sell the apples  any longer

Hi, I would like to order 2 no. of the Black and White Round Tables ref. PH-BW2. Can you please confirm these are in stock and what is delivery lead time from payment date. Thank you

Hi, the Bone tables are in stock, delivery under 14 days from the order date. Kind regards Smithers

Hi I am interested in the vespa chair and the bicycle bar stool with a back. I live in the US. Do you ship to the US? And what is the cost for shipping to the US?

we do ship to Us, but prices are high at the moment, we can send a quote in new year regards Smithers

Miami reclaimed wood TV stand. How much to purchase?

This TV Stand has now been discontinued. Apologies for any disappointment caused.

Hello, how easy is to change the height of adjustable teak dining table.

Very easy to adjust with a crank handle. 

Hello, I was just wondering if there are any of the teddy rocking chair (white) in stock? Or the estimated time for delivery on this item? Thank you, Amy

We are due to receive more stock of the Teddy Boy Rocking Chairs in March 2021 but are accepting pre-orders for them now.

Hi I’m enquiring about your black & white side table, is this in stock as it’s only giving me the option 2 choose loops when selecting the item Thanks Emily

Hi Emily, we only have loops for this product left, but we have an alternative here

or this one is arriving in April - 

Am i able to order the industrial garden bench ?

Hi, Sorry the industrial garden bench is no longer available.

Please check the link for more outdoor items

Regards Smithers Team

Can you ship to the US? If so, how much for the VW bus?

Sorry, this VW Wall art is old stock item

Best wishes 

Smithers Team

The gold vintage phone that you have advertised is captioned sold out. Will you be getting more? Thank you

Hi Pamela - thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Gold Vintage Telephone will not be coming back into stock. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Hello, I am interested in buying 2 sets (12 units) each of the French brasserie coloured dinner, dessert, soup plates & chocolate bowls. Also 3 sets (12 units) of the tea cups from the same set, to be shipped to Miami, FL, USA. However, your system . . .

hi I'm sorry we won't be able to ship these to the usa. thanks for your interest in the crockery regards Smithers

How much does our furniture and Lighting cost?

The prices for each furniture and Lighting are listed above all the product pages on the right hand side next to the hammer. For bespoke pieces, you can see the price of your chosen options by selecting the icons below the product images. Any changes in price will then reflect in the price shown above the product image. You can also view the price of your furniture once you have added it to your shopping basket, it will be listed next to the delivery time under the heading 'price'. Smithers believe in every day best prices for high end quality.

Hi,Do you have the neon Cocktails sign in pink as when click choose colour seems only red available

Hi, yes we have red coming in stock early Jan so you can pre-order today, delivery will be around the 10th of Jan

we don't have the lead time on pink yet should be the end of January, please pop back in a couple of weeks they should be ok to purchase.

Regards Smithers

What does "Bespoke Furniture" mean?

"Bespoke" refers to furniture which we make to order of your chosen design, each item comes in a variety of wood including reclaimed, mango wood, oak and fabrics and metal leg finishes for you to choose for your custom order. See our page on commission orders here

I've seen something on your website store that does not have Add to Cart - does this mean it'll never come back for sale?

We make most of our furniture in limited batches of 100 so this mean that the chair or table or gift that was previously available on our website shop has now sold out. So if the add to cart button has gone it means it won't be coming back in store. If you see 'sold out' you can add your email in the box and get an update when its back in stock. We update the website everyday, so do keep an eye out to see if another one becomes available. For information about new items, it's a good idea to sign up to our newsletter, this is located at the bottom of our home page. How much to send 2of these to Salisbury Wiltshire SP5 2HT United Kingdom

Hi Geri, 

Thanks for your enquiry. Shipping is free for two of these bar stools to a UK address so it would just be the cost of the two stools, which are priced at £216 each. If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank again, Smithers. 

Hey, I see you can do your concrete bathtub in cream. Do you have any pictures as to what that would look like? Thanks, Rosie

Hi Rosie, 

Thanks for your enquiry. We do have any photographs listed on the website, but I will look into sourcing some images for you and forward any details to your email address.

Thanks again, Smithers.  

Will my furniture fit?

The sizes of each piece of furniture are listed in the ‘more information’ section below the product images. Smithers do recommend measuring the space for your furniture for doorways, hallways or entryways to ensure you can get it to your business or home.

If something is sold out, can I go on a waiting list for when it comes in stock?

Yes if you add your email we will message you back soon as its back in stock, on the product page you can see the box where to add your email for when its back in stock, it's a good idea to sign up to our newsletter this is located at the bottom of our home page.

Does my furniture come with a guarantee?

As our valued Smithers customer, we want you to be completely satisfied with your furniture or lighting. If you discover it is defective, or you're unhappy with it, please get in touch with our Smithers Care team, who'll be happy to help you. Pleased make sure you include your order number and some content and photographs describing the issue.

Is your lighting legally compliant?

We take the compliance of our electrical lighting products very seriously. Smithers lighting all bear the CE mark, and electrical components are compliant with the following directives: THE LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE 2014/35/EU THE RESTRICTION OF HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES IN ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU

How do I dispose of electrical items?

It’s very important to us that we dispose of waste responsibly. Lighting should be safely recycled at your local recycling centre.

Hi are the Indian motorcycle replicas still available to purchase. If so what is the price. What were you guys selling them for when they were available?

Hi we don't have this item any longer this was a one off.

ive seen this chair at Fishpools in Tan which is discounted to £749.00. Was wondering if youre able to match the price for the grey one?

Sorry we do not price match

Son muy bonitas. ¿De que material están hechas? ¿Las mandan a España?

hi they are made from resin, yes we ship to spain sorry for late reply


Do you still have the Bethnal Green sign for sale?.

The railway bethnal is not in stock right now sorry

When will more stock be in?

Hi stock is coming in now we have plenty august and Sept arriving

How high are the arms from the floor (lowest to highest) please?

The lowest arm height is 64 cm, when the leather seat is adjusted to its highest level the arms are 75 cm

Can you advise re the height of the shelve gaps on the aviator bookcase (not sure I phrased that properly!). I want to know if I can store my box files upright on them ?

sorry this is an old stock item, we don't have it any longer

Pls let me know when it will be available

Hi This coffee table is old stock sorry from 2018

I am interested in the square copper table legs. I see the price for dining table size, would you be able to make them for a coffee table? ~41cm ht x 41 cm wd. If so, how much would they cost?

Sorry we don't make these for a coffee table

Bicycle chair By replacing the seat with a round plate of the same diameter, is it possible to turn clay? Are the mechanical parts, pedal, transmission chain resistant?

The chain and pedals do not move, they are welded in place to stop movement, the pedals spin around but that is it,  it may look like a bicycle but it's a Bar Stool.

Regards Smithers Team

What's the price of this route 66 sofa and shipping costs to Belgium?

Sorry this is old stock item, Regards Smithers

how much is the zebra body on the wall

Hi Graeme - thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Zebra Wall mount is no longer available - this is from our Archived listings. Sincere apologies for any disappointment caused. 

Best wishes, Smithers. 

Can carbecue be used with coal instead of gas or is it only for gas use only

Hi sure, you can use coal if you wanted too. But it is a gas cooker that is installed, so you would have to add your own grill if you wanted to use coal.

 regards Smithers