Aviator Chair

£ 815.00

The Aviator Chair is first class when it comes to aviation style seating - Handmade in distressed brown leather, stainless steel and aluminium with rivet spitfire backed Chrome panel.

Aviator Chair Specifications

Height M 85 CM | L 85 cm
WidthM 62 cm | L 72 cm
DepthM 61 cm | L 63 cm
WeightM 16 KG | L 22 KG
SeatingSwivel Chair

Aviator Chair

Our number one selling aviation chair with swivel hydraulic gas base. Our Aviation themed furniture range comes with a luxurious Italian upholstered leather seat area and are stitched with press brass stud edging.

Pure first class style aviator chairs, that are very high end quality. This curvaceous seat looks awesome when teamed with our aviator wing desk and is unbelievably comfortable.

This type of chair can also be used as a dining chair or for funky bar seating.  

Please note our aviator chair is not adjustable size, so you can't move it up and down.