Aviator Wing Desk

Aviator Wing Desk

£ 1,200.00


It's been a while since we got high in the sky with some aviator furniture, but get ready for the all new aviator range. It's finally here so get seated in first class and fasten those seatbelts with our all new metal aviator wing desk.

Aviator Wing Desk Specifications

WoodFir Wood

Aviator Wing Desk

Inspired by World War II Spitfire fighter planes, our Aviator Wing Desk is a shining wing of metal. Its streamlined shape is like that of a bent wing from an original Spitfire plane. Standing defiantly in our office as if to take-off at any given moment, this awesome desk features a highly polished Aluminium patchwork rivet style exterior with steel screws.

Our Aviation Wing Desk is built over a solid mango wood frame, fitted with two storage shelves and one top drawer offering plenty storage space for anyone with a plan of world domination in mind.